Getting Started - Manual Installation


The installation and majority of configuration can be handled by the phar installer. Manual installation can be does as follows:

Latest Version Latest Version

The latest version can be downloaded using the above link. Or using the following commands:

$ wget -q
$ tar -xf latest.tar.gz
$ rm latest.tar.gz

The files that will be needed from this folder are:

  • backend_loader.php
  • frontend_loader.js
  • diag.php

Renaming the files - Mandatory

To ensure the files are not blocked immediately by ad blockers it will be a requirement to rename the files.


One of the tests in diag.php checks the existence of the backend_loader.php, so the references in this test must be updated to match your newly named file. The below example uses the same configuration shown in the previous image. At the top of page update the following line:

define("BACKEND_LOADER_PHP", "ba_lo.php");

Placing the files on your server

The files mentioned above should be placed on the server where you wish to show your ads.

Copy the files into a chosen directory


Run the diag.php

Now that our NeverBlock files are on our server we will use the diag.php file to verify everything is okay so far. This can be done be going to the URL where the diag.php file is. Using the previous screenshot as an example ours would be the following -

If everything has been correct so far you should see the following (we will configure the log file under Logfile):

installation_2 If you see different results there may be additional configuration needed.

Possible diag.php results

PHP Version: If the PHP version is unsupported you will be notified. For the standard NeverBlock solution PHP version 5.2 or higher is required.

Backend loader script presence: If this fails the backend_loader.php cannot be found by diag.php. This may be due to a filename change or a path issue.

Error reporting: This may show as a warning. This warning will not prevent the NeverBlock solution from working.

Cache presence and cURL library: In the event of cache and cURL not present you will receive warnings. This will not prevent NeverBlock from working, but we do recommend these to be configured.

  • The PHP cURL extension (highly recommended)
  • The PHP APC extension OR XCache

IP Detection: If there is an error about the IP matching, this is covered under Passing IPs.

Ad requests: If the requests take longer than expected you may be prompted to increase the REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MS and CONNECT_TIMEOUT_MS settings Doing this is covered under Configuring constants.